A leading company in the field of wet mechanical processing
of minerals

The masters and technicians group of the Siemens Health Care saw themselves transported into a completely different working world from their own, while visiting the Technical Center of AKW Equipment + Process Design.

Everybody else involved in the construction of high performance X-ray units or computer tomographs experienced the world of hydrocyclones in Hirschau,

a local developed technology, which is working successfully in all kinds of plants of AKW A+V worldwide.
AKW A+V is one of the leading companies in the field of the wet mechanical processing of minerals.

The processing of minerals and sands out of raw material belongs to the core competences of AKW A+V as well as the purification of contaminated soils, explained the Head of AKW A+V’s new Technical Center, graduate engineer Ulrich Peuser, to the guests of the Siemens plants in Kemnath-Stadt, Forchheim and Erlangen.

Since its foundation in 1963 AKW A+V has worked its way up as a globally oriented specialist in process engineering, equipment and plant manufacturing in the territories of wet mechanical processing of mineral raw materials and environmental process engineering to become a top address. As a new subterritory the dry density separation has also been added.

In the new Technical Center at the industrial area Dienhof, the specialists of AKW A+V develop individual equipment as well as process flows for complete plants. Solid particles according to density or particle size, or liquid particles, are primarily separated with the equipment and processes developed. The workers in Hirschau supply turn-key plants as desired based on rough and detailed planning of their engineers.

The clients of AKW A+V come primarily from the fields of mining, sand, environmental technology as well as the chemical and food industry. The hydrocyclones developed in Hirschau, the company’s core competence, were used primarily in the local kaolin industry. From there, were progressively added the segments of clay, bentonite from the processing of tunnel drilling machine, sand from road sweepings as well as from sewage cleaning and the processing of contaminated soils. The separation of gypsum in the coal power stations and beneficiation of rare earth elements came afterwards.

AKW A+V offers the engineering, mounting and commissioning of plants of various sizes, on worldwide basis. Be it for the treatment of quartz sand, the processing of ores or as a partner to the alumina industry, the company track records and references are not only limited to Germany, but also cover successful projects fulfilled in countries and regions such as North Africa, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, India, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and East Europe, Venezuela, Brazil, Thailand and China.

As a glance into the Technical Center in Hirschau showed, tests and trials are most of the time requested. The client mentions his requirements and supplies trial material to Hirschau, and in Technical Center trials are performed in order to determine whether the products requested can be manufactured out of the raw material provided. This stage is afterwards followed by the Engineering phase, before the plant construction can start. The installation work, always supervised by AKW A+V team, can be transferred to selected and qualified sub suppliers and partner companies. The commissioning - anywhere in the world – will be supervised by the personnel of the Technical Center in Hirschau.

The masters and technicians of Siemens could see various trials currently being performed on different equipment. Pre-trials start with about 5 to 10 kg of material to investigate the basic feasibility. Main trials are realized with amounts of 100 to 200 kg and occasional full-scale tests with an amount from 500 kg up to several tons.

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH
Dienhof 26, 92242 Hirschau